CBD Vape Products

Green Rooted CBD offers its vapable cbd in two formats, the first being prefilled cartridges which are available in a variety of potency levels.  The second is an additive bottle, which is our same high-quality cbd only in a dropper bottle, able to be added to any tank of E-liquid used for vaping.

CBD Gel-Capsules

Our Gel-Capsules offer all the benefits of our cbd, all in a simple, easy to swallow, vegan friendly gel capsule.  The gel-capsules are available in a variety of bottle sizes, and all gel caps are made gluten free, from 100% Organic Hemp.

CBD Oral Tinctures

The oral tinctures we offer come in a variety of potency levels to meet different needs.  Our tinctures have a mild, natural flavor so they aren't overwhelming but can still be added to your favorite food or beverages if you desire.